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Disc Publisher for worship sample CDs


CDs and DVDs have become one of the most important methods of distributing content at churches and religious organizations of many faiths. Optical medias can be used in the car in portable players or at home and the office on notebook and laptop PCs.

They’re used for a wide variety of video, audio or photo materials, including:

Primera's Disc Duplicators are the ideal solution for when your church needs to make multiple copies or even hundreds of CDs or DVDs at a time. The process is simple.

First, the discs are burned by the built-in, high-speed recorder. Then, the discs are printed by the built-in, full-color 4800 dpi printer. The entire process is automatic and “hands-free.”

You and your staff can be busy doing other things while discs are being burned and printed. Best of all, you’ll get perfect, professional-quality discs to distribute and save time and money, too.

Here are just a few of the churches and worship centers that use Primera CD/DVD publishing equipment.

Join the thousands of churches and worship centers that have already discovered the reliability, performance and value of Primera automated duplicators and printers.

Learn more about Primera Automated Duplicators and Printers for Churches and Worship Centers.