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Frequently Asked Questions GP3000 Stake and Tag Printer

1. How much does the GP3000 cost? How do I buy one?

As our Authorized Resellers in each country set their own pricing, there’s no official MSRP. Please reach out to your dealer directly. GP3000 is available now through a group of Authorized Resellers.

2. How fast is GP3000?

The speed depends on the size and layout you print. In regards of this you want to change the print settings to faster (on indoor/ matte material) or slower mode (on outdoor/glossy material).
The small stake prints up to 40 stakes per minute in a faster mode and 22 stakes in a slower mode.
The large swinging tag prints up to 10 tags per minute in a faster mode and 8 tags in slower mode.

3. How many labels can you print per ink cartridge or set of ink carts?

It depends upon the amount of coverage and the colours used in your designs. If you’d like to email us ( a .jpg of your actual label, we can run a test through the printer’s software to give you a very close approximate cost and number of stakes or tags for that design. We can also give you this general information:

4. What kinds of substrates can be used?

The tags are specially coated to properly receive the pigment-based inkjet inks. The maximum print width is 209.55mm (8.25”) and the recommended maximum print length is 81.28mm (3.2”)

5. How thick of a substrate can be used?

The maximum substrate thickness is 508μm (20 mils). The minimum is around 203μm (8 mils).

6. What software is used with the printer?

You can use any Windows-based software such as NiceLabel or BarTender, as well as known horticulture software solutions. The GP3000 ships with a tag production software.

7. What operating systems do these printers support?

You can use any Windows 7 or Windows 10 computer with a free USB 2.0 port.

8. Is the ink water and UV resistant?

Yes, the combination of pigment-based inks and synthetic coated materials makes the GP3000 output highly water and UV resistant. We have done a combination of both outdoor testing and simulated outdoor testing in a weatherometer. Our tests show that the print lasts with minimal fading approximately one year.

9. How many tags and labels can you print per day?

We recommend printing up to 5,000 tags or labels per day.

10. What is the print resolution?

Up to 4800 dpi.

11. What is the warranty?

One year parts and labor. Extended warranties and hot swaps are also available at an extra cost.

12. What kind of maintenance is required?

The cutter waste bin needs to be emptied when it gets full and replacing the felt ink pads. Otherwise, no regular maintenance is required. The print head will also need to be replaced occasionally as well (approximately every 50 sets of cartridges).

13. What type of operating environment is required?

Temperature-controlled offices or shop environments are acceptable if they meet a temperature of 15 – 26°C (60-80°F) and a rela-tive humidity of 20% - 80%.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.