GP3000 Colour Tag and Label Printer
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Print Full-Colour Stakes, Tags and more!

GP3000 is Primera’s new on-demand, full-colour tag, stake and label printer for garden centers, nurseries and growers. Prints on both sides of tags, stakes, labels and more with pigmented inks that are highly water and UV-resistant.

UV and Water Resistant Labels

The combination of pigment-based inks and synthetic substrates make the GP3000’s output highly water and UV resistant. With GP3000, you’ll be printing durable tags fast and efficiently, all while saving time and money.

Print what you want, when and where you need it!

GP3000 Colour Tag and Label Printer

GP3000 allows you to print short runs of tags and stakes on-demand. Never worry about running out of the tags you need ever again! Prints a variety of shapes and sizes with no lead times and no wasted tags that you eventually end up discarding.

As a fully-digital printing system, you can even make “onthe-fly” changes to your tags. Possibilities are endless and include the printing of private-label tags with customer logos, website addresses, phone numbers, UPC bar codes and more.

Key Features of GP3000:

Watch the GP3000e product video: