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Customer Comments

We take pride in offering quality service and the highest quality products. See what customers are saying about Primera Technology. If you would like to send us your comments, please email us: or use the web form.

Disc Publisher SE

CEUMEDIA is an Internet television who also works as an external producer. We recorded congresses, seminars and conferences that we recorded on dvd. Our experience with the printer is very satisfactory. Every week we recorded and print dvd, about 5 a week, with an excellent quality. For a recent 1500 dvd custom us has also been very useful printer.

Manuel Albacete, CEUMEDIA, ES

Disc Publisher


Gordon Munyika, Good-Mouse Inc., ZA

CX1200e/FX1200e Digital Label Press/Label Finisher Combo

Primera Label Finisher France

Le combo de Primera est la machine idéale en termes de réactivité et de rapidité puisqu'elle lui permet de livrer des étiquettes en petite quantité en un temps record là où autrefois un imprimeur traditionnel refusait des commandes de 1000 étiquettes ou alors à des prix exorbitants et sous un délai minimum de trois semaines.
A propos de l'acquisition du Combo CX-FX de Primera M. Comberton déclare : « C'est parce que LPS m'a fait découvrir les machines de Primera que je suis devenu imprimeur. C'est une vraie libération d'avoir enfin trouvé les moyens techniques de mettre en application les créations que j'ai depuis longtemps en tête. Grâce à Primera, je n'ai plus aucune contrainte de forme, de budget ou de temps, c'est vraiment très stimulant. »

Francis Comberton, Speedetiq, FR

Primera Support Team

The communication with PRIMERA's Support Team was very good. Once the robot arrived at PRIMERA, we have been regularly informed about our device's status, and it was returned to us very quickly. Perfect !

REVON, Disc Publisher SE, Boulogne, FR

Disc Publisher SE

Its an amazing machine, very high quality prints on the surface, the cd burner is so far very good, tried cd's on several stereos who have trouble with copied CD's and no problem so far. I'm very happy for buying this product.

Kjell Bendixen,Dr BenDix Music Machine, Fredrikstad, NO

Disc Publisher SE

We are a non profit group and use our CDs to fund our music. We go to churches, care homes, prisons etc. Making our CDs has been a very slow process as I am disabled its even harder. I have desired this printer for some time and I am delighted now to have one. I am looking forward to putting 20 CDs in the printer and having a cup of tea instead of sitting over them one at a time. Well done for an excellent product.

Peter Brown, Ministry of Song, Wishaw, UK

LX900e Color Label Printer

Following a recent appearance on the BBCs ‘Dragons Den’ by a UK vineyard displaying bottles with labels printed on the LX900e we are seeing a great deal of interest from UK vineyards looking at the LX900e and AP362e and this customer comment:
"Geoff is absolutely correct - the Primera LX900e is a superb printer, I bought mine at the London Trade fair this spring and can honestly say that the print quality is first class and your only limit to label design is your imagination. I can also strongly recommend the Primera AP362e label applicator."

Chris Spakouskas, Yorkshire Heart Vineyard, YORK

CX1200e Color Label Press

"Thanks to the inexpensive purchasing price, linked to low operating costs, stability and ease of use, the Primera CX1200e Digital Color Label Press and the Labelfinishing System 1200 are the ideal solution for the fully automated printing and finishing of short-run, full colour labels. Thanks to this investment we have a profitable label solution in-house with excellent quality. Label-on-demand has never been easier.”

Erik and Dennis van der Linden, Dacar Digital Priting, BE

Disc Publisher Pro vs. Epson

Twelve months ago we supplied an Epson Discproducer to a publisher of DVD's. He looked at the DP Pro, but decided to have the Epson as the print quality was just a bit sharper and he wanted the Epson brand name. He was very tempted by the DP Pro, as he had read good reviews and liked the demo we gave him but in the end he bought the Epson.

Straight away there were issues. He hadn't told us he was using Vista, and there were no Vista drivers at the time for the Epson, so he had to buy XP and downgrade a PC. Then the Epson failed, and he was advised by Epson that the engineer would be 5 days, even though Epson's agreement was Next Working Day. We moaned at Epson, even offered to send our own engineer to fix it but Epson would not allow that.

Anyway, Epson replaced the original unit with a new one. We lost contact with the guy as we could not buy consumables anymore and he was told to deal with Epson UK direct, by Epson.

Forward to today and I received a call from the customer. He was pleased to speak to Bannerbridge again, and wanted a quote for a DP Pro CD/DVD and ADL-MAX. I asked him about the Epson and wait for it... They are now on their fourth replacement unit (5 in total including the original) and have another visit from the Epson engineer tomorrow, with possibly the sixth machine.

I admired his patience and he said enough's enough, he should have gone with his first choice and will probably be ordering the Primera kit next week.

Bannerbridge, UK

The Disc Publisher II in use at the LCC franchise headquarter

Primera Disc Publisher at Lufthansa City Center

With more than 600 travel agencies in nearly 80 countries the LCC is one of the biggest and most independent franchise systems in the travel agency sector. Alone in Germany, the owner-managed chain of middle class travel agencies has 300 offices with more than 2500 employees.

Every year in November, the franchise headquarter, located in Frankfurt, organizes a general assembly with nearly 500 participants worldwide. For the event in Malta in 2008, we searched for an appropriate gift in order to thank not only the franchisees but also the sponsors for their support. As during the event a huge number of photos as well as a video were made, the idea was born to send all an own composed CD and DVD. Until then we had only the possibility to stick a paper label to our CDs and DVDs. This however would’ve been too time-consuming and expensive with a production volume of twice 500 discs.

By contacting the European headquarter of Primera in Wiesbaden, Germany we were informed about the Disc Publisher devices. In order to test the quality of the all-in-one systems (burning and printing), Primera Europe produced our memory CDs and DVDs as test order for the General Assembly 2008.

Lufthansa-DVD produced on Primera Disc Publisher

We were so impressed by the speed as well as by the clarity and quality of the print results. Considering that we will have more annual events of this dimension and that there are other possible application for a Disc Publisher within our company, we decided to purchase a Disc Publisher II.

Through our local distributor “One Point Storage Systems GmbH” in Bodenheim, Germany, we purchased the device and still buy the ink cartridges as well as blank disc media there. The employees of One Point are also available for technical inquiries, which though was hardly necessary because of the easy and simple usability of the device.

Since the purchase beginning of 2009, the Disc Publisher II was used for many projects in the franchise headquarter: e.g. for the General Assembly 2009, where a music CD with the favourite songs of nearly 60 LCC countries had to be produced as a gift for all participants. But also for the copying of presentation material or the production of demo CDs, including technical solutions of the franchise headquarter for LCC partners. Our average productions runs are between 5 and 500 pieces – way too many to produce them manually with only a single PC burn drive, but on the other hand not enough for an external company.

Buying the Disc Publisher II was profitable for us at all points. It was never easier and faster to produce a multiple number of CDs and DVDs with the same quality.

Anke Both, Projektmanagerin Marketing, Lufthansa City Center, Reisebüropartner GmbH

Disc Publisher Pro

"I have been using the Disc Publisher Pro for about 3 years. I am a dealer who sells a few of Primera products, I also do DVD production & duplication offering direct to disc printing using a "Primera Disc Publisher Pro" Printer, which I purchased from them about 2 1/2 years ago. I have had excellent service from this machine until it got wiped out by a power surge. I was very worried that I I could no longer print onto discs, and would have to wait for the unit to be fixed or replaced. This would have seriously affected my business. I was stunned when the distributor in Southafrica offered me a demo unit for loan until my printer was fixed or replaced (Please bear in mind the unit was well out of its guarantee period)

Service like this is a rare thing today. I can highly recommend dealing with Primera distributors. They care about their clients. Thank you"

John Strickland, Truth Video, ZA